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dakarl10n_intro20140305_200046Localization workshopLocalization Workshop in Dakar, Senegal (March 3-4 2014)

Theme: “Empowering African Languages”

Venue: Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie

Hotel : Auberge Marie Lucienne, Point E, Dakar

I have been planning this event since 2012! And it is an old dream to gather people who are literate in non-English languages to show them what we can do with our languages. I wanted to show them that not knowing English or French does not condemn you to darkness forever and that Mozilla has open doors for us so we can do more for our languages and people and at the same time do better. My ambition was at first to gather speakers of Fulah from many countries along with Wolof speakers to train them in using Mozilla localization tools, specially the ones that I have been using which have proved to be really efficient. I am thinking of Translatehouse Translate Toolkit tools like Virtaal and the Pootle Server.

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