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Arky and I during Firefox OS presentation

The Airbus A319 was taxiing hastily to runway 24 of the W terminal of Orly airport, second busiest in Paris. We had a delay, exceptionally, like every flight to Lisbon I took recently. But you know aircraft are much faster than they have to be because they need to fit with schedule and other traffic. So the crew can make up the delay during flight and land exactly at ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Well I really didn’t care much when I would land in Lisbon; the only thing I know is that I am going to be flying to Bamako six hours after landing in Lisbon. If only we could loop in the air until about time to continue my trip, it would be great! Again, no, we cannot loop with that kind of aircraft because you might spill some coke on that lady’s dress and spoil the flight for all the passengers.

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