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Arky and I during Firefox OS presentation

The Airbus A319 was taxiing hastily to runway 24 of the W terminal of Orly airport, second busiest in Paris. We had a delay, exceptionally, like every flight to Lisbon I took recently. But you know aircraft are much faster than they have to be because they need to fit with schedule and other traffic. So the crew can make up the delay during flight and land exactly at ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Well I really didn’t care much when I would land in Lisbon; the only thing I know is that I am going to be flying to Bamako six hours after landing in Lisbon. If only we could loop in the air until about time to continue my trip, it would be great! Again, no, we cannot loop with that kind of aircraft because you might spill some coke on that lady’s dress and spoil the flight for all the passengers.

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Firefox and me

With Firefox at the venue

MozCamp 2012 has been an awesome experience for me as a new Rep! I was focused on my session the days precedent the event, not having a clue that I was actually going to discover a world you could hardly imagine if you have never been to a MozCamp event! A world of values, friendship and fun that is dedicated to one thing: making the web a world for all; I would say, “making the world a web for everyone”!
Talking about values, the first evidence of the strength of being a Mozilian was when I arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport. No it was not just yet another fashionable T-shirt that I saw, but a bunch of French Mozillians proudly wearing their Firefox T-shirts, seemingly ready to fly to a Mozilla event. I did not hesitate. I went straight to meet them. “Hey, you going to Warsaw too for MozCamp?”. Everybody burst out laughing. One minute later, looked as though they’ve known me ever since. At that very moment, I felt Warsaw was going to be like anything I ever experienced.The trip was so brief I did not hear the plane reverse thrust, I was at baggage claim the minute later and soon at the Mariott hotel. I had just one thing in mind when we were waiting at the hotel lobby: finding my buddy right away! Yes David Tenser is the only words that were on my lips, David Tenser. Did you hear me? I said David Tenser.
After leaving my tiny luggage in my room at the 32nd floor of Mariott, I read my tweets again to be sure David was arriving later that evening. He should have been there by

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